The World's Largest Innovation Consulting Competition

IXL Innovation Olympics

Hundreds of the world’s leading companies have had their challenges answered by the Innovation Olympics, in the world’s largest, most experienced, and most successful open innovation system

How does it work?

The Innovation Olympics is a Global 8 week consulting competition started in 2009. It is co-sponsored by IXL Center, and the non-profit Global Innovation Management Institute.

  • 5 graduate student teams tackle a strategic challenge set and paid for by a corporate or non-profit sponsor. There are up to 10 challenges per edition.
  • ​During the 8 weeks, the teams are mentored by experienced professional coaches to ensure the highest quality and consistent results for each sponsor. Sponsors provide guidance to teams during 3 alignment sessions, and then select the winning business plans and teams.
  • Students get a real-life project experience, and training in innovation management methodologies from the Global Innovation Management Institute worth thousands of dollars, just for participating.
  • The winning team gets a $4,000 prize and 2nd place $2,000, along with the accompanying prestige and accolades.

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