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Dr. John Sviokla, Founder GroupBionic Ex-Principal, US Marketing Leader, PwC US

Dr. John Sviokla is the founder of GroupBionic and ex-principal and US Advisory Innovation Leader with PwC. He also served on PwC’s Advisory Leadership Group, the Global Thought Leadership Council, and currently leads The Exchange — an ongoing think tank for PwC clients and world class business leaders. Previously, he served as Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Innovation Officer at Diamond Management Consultants.

Dr. Sviokla has nearly 30 years of experience researching, writing and consulting on topics of innovation, technology, strategy and economic value. Dr. Sviokla has global experience serving a wide variety of clients. He works across many industries and businesses, and has a deep understanding of leading practices and research in customer behavior, economics, psychology, behavioral economics, sociology, business strategy, network analysis, and measurement & leadership.

He has created some of the very first thought leadership pieces on the coming world of digital competition including, “Managing in the Marketspace,” Harvard Business Review 1994, and “Exploiting the Virtual Value Chain,” Harvard Business Review 1995. Dr. Sviokla is a frequent speaker on topics of innovation, growth, and emerging customer behavior. He is also a major contributor to Oxford Economics study on Digital Megatrends 2015. Dr. Sviokla earned his Bachelors degree from Harvard College and obtained his Masters and Doctorate degree from Harvard Business School. He served on the Harvard Business School faculty from 1986-1998.

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