Bionic Economy

Bionic Organization - A New Reality

Today all companies face a new reality — what we call the bionic economy — a new blend of people and machines which includes AI, big data, robotics, internet of things and many other factors of digital transformation. In the near future, only two types of companies will survive — those who start bionic like Amazon, Alibaba and others and those who successfully transform themselves into becoming bionic — as Walmart is trying to do.

Digitization is leading the world Economy

Top 5 organization today by market capitalization are all technology and digital companies. More than half of the revenue of these companies comes from Digital platforms.

BeCoN - New Forms of Capital

BeCoN Capital

In the 21st century, with the accelerating increase of technological innovation, three more forms of capital have become critical to creating value: behavior capital (developed by tracking ongoing activity), cognitive capital (the value inherent in algorithms), and network capital (the connection points, with people and machines, that a company can deploy).

Competing in the Bionic Economy