IXL Bionics Innovation Olympics

Welcome to IXL Bionics Innovation Olympics

Spring version of IXL Innovation Olympics starting first week of April 2019 will be focused on a new mega trend

Just in 8 weeks your organization can,

  • Get deep insights on leveraging the Bionic trend and identify specific future opportunities to develop new capabilities
  • Develop and prioritize new age digital business platforms to transform your organization into "A Bionic Company"
  • Develop and prioritize specific business concepts on how to make the prioritized platforms real
  • Develop mini business case with specific action plan for execution of prioritized business concepts

Dr.John Sviokla - Bionic Expert

Dr. John Sviokla is the founder of GroupBionic and ex-principal and US Advisory Innovation Leader with PwC. He also served on PwC’s Advisory Leadership Group, the Global Thought Leadership Council, and currently leads The Exchange — an ongoing think tank for PwC clients and world class business leaders. Previously, he served as Vice Chairman of the Board and Chief Innovation Officer at Diamond Management Consultants .

He is the coauthor of The Self-Made Billionaire Effect: How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value

What is a Bionic Organization?

Bionic Expert Dr.John Sviokla talks about Bionic Economy and what does it mean for your organization

" Today all companies will face a new reality — what we call the bionic economy — a new blend of people and machines which includes AI, big data, robotics, internet of things and many other factors of digital transformation. We are at the realm of getting disrupted by this Bionic mega trend where everything from cars to home is going to get smarter modifying the purchase and use behavior of the customers. Human machine interaction will be a two way street with continuous dialogue for improvisation of the whole system. This will spur new innovation in the coming decades and every organization would have to transform the way it operates and does business to survive and flourish in this new Bionic World"

In the near future only two types of companies will survive — those who start bionic like Amazon, Alibaba and others and those who successfully transform themselves into becoming bionic — as WalMart is trying to do. All other companies will be zombies (e.g. Macy’s) or dead (e.g. Sears/KMart) "

Applying the Innovation Olympics to the BIONICs challenge

Dr. Hitendra Patel, Managing Director, IXL Center Inc

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